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Thank you for completing STEP ONE, the class registration. We have provided a step by step instruction to assist with the navigation of the tabs in STEP TWO, funding for the Charter program.

Refer to the email that was sent to you with your preferred credential and information regarding STEP TWO. Important info will be:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Program ID

START OF STEP TWO- Required for Funding through the State Run Charter School Programs

This step is unique as you only need to create one account if you registered more than one student into any Camp Or Class.

Use the following preferred credentials for Sign Up (refer to email if needed):

  • Username: The mobile number you provided in STEP ONE WITHOUT the dashes or parenthesis. For example (213) 555-6666 would be: 2135556666
  • Password: Is your unique registration ID.

Click “Step Two” to get started! (it will open in a new tab). This is what you should see:


PART B- Complete your Parent/Guardian Information

PART C- Add student information. If more than one student click “Add Another Student” button to add.

PART D- Review your family profile by clicking the “Family Profile” tab on the top left. The Guardian and Student information you inputted should be visible. Check for accuracy. For any changes select the green Add/Edit button.

PART E- Select the Home Tab and you will see the message “You haven’t applied to any schools.” Select the Green Button “Start an Application” to get to the next screen.

PART F- Under the Current School heading, select YES if your student is currently enrolled in a charter school or NO if not.

If NO, a new field will open up for you to type/select the school your student is enrolled in.

Under Current Grade heading select the grade the student is or was in. For Grade Applying to select the grade the student will be going into.

Press the green “Next” button on the bottom right corner to continue,

PART G- In this part, you will select a specific school based on your county.

County Specific School Assigned Specific School Assigned If Noted:
Contra Costa California STEAM Sonoma SUMMER ONLY
Los Angeles Peak Prep Academy SUMMER ONLY
Monterey California Academy of Sports Science Fresno SUMMER ONLY
Orange University Prep SUMMER ONLY
Riverside University Prep SUMMER ONLY
Sacramento California Prep Sutter 8-12 SUMMER ONLY California Prep Sutter K-7 SUMMER ONLY
San Bernardino University Prep San Bernardino SUMMER ONLY
San Diego California Academy of Sports Science SUMMER ONLY
Santa Barbara Peak Prep Academy SUMMER ONLY
Tulare California Academy of Sports Science Fresno SUMMER ONLY

PART H- After selecting the school a Confirm Detail window pops up and you select the green button “Confirm Detail and Continue” This will take you back to the HOME page.

PART I- At the HOME page you will select the student and click the green button “Register” This will open up a set of Tabs.

PART J- This is the last of the Registration and is self-explanatory. There are fields that will require the following inputs/ answers.  See below.

Term Selection Tab- 

  • Select 2019 Summer Only

2019-2020 Tab- In this section is a set of questions regarding the student. The first field is asking for the summer program name. Refer to email for the specific program number.  An example entry would be Mission Strong: 15

  • The first field is Summer Program Name.
    • Type in your program ID Number found in your email. It should be something like Mission Strong- # for example: Mission Strong-5

Student Media Release Tab

  • Review and Sign

Family Economic Data Survey Tab

This is just a survey and in no way effects eligibility
  • Complete and Sign

Master Agreement 2019-2020 Tab

  • Review and Sign

2019-2020 Registration Documents

  • Upload documents for Age & Residency.
  • Answer last question and Sign
  • Select “Submit Forms


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